Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

A Thought on Climate Change

If we had a race to beat climate change, on the same grounds as oh, say, the space race, then our views would shift, our ideologies would be fueled not by science, but by a seemingly more powerful force in America, nationalism. Maybe I’m too optimistic.

Then again, would we really go against the big oil companies who get richer knowing that climate change is real, but denying it and destroying the free-will of a generation, and possibly those in the future? I will not just stand here and listen to corporate lies. Competition is healthy, but when you have to lie and flatter to maintain power, then that untruth must be known. If we stop listening to science, we stop listening to the future, we stop listening to reason and evidence.

What happened to the environmental dream of the earlier decade? Where did the inspiration go? When the recession hit, we scuttled back into the misleading security of conservative politicians and known traditional ways of thinking and doing. Bring that dream back to the main-stage of the world, let the truth be known, let us choose a harsh reality over a fairytale belief.

Earth Day 2012